Through the Ether

This is also me learning how to do this, how to sort out all the stories, and then at the end wondering how people can live with so many wrong stories. People grab onto wrong stories and can't be pried loose, the way a drowning guy clings to a floating ice chest from a shipwreck. Maybe that chunk of styrofoam was the first thing the guy saw in the water, and now he won't turn loose for anything, not even when a rescuer comes with a helicopter. Do some people live their whole lives feeling shipwrecked?

I don't want to be that shipwrecked guy and grab the first answer I see. Too many people have already done that in this case (for starters I should never have been a case in the first place). I could shoot wrong stories back at all these people, better stories than theirs, but I'm sick of wrong stories, I can't stomach any more, I don't want one more in my mouth, coming or going.

My father said we try to know too much too fast. "We don't really know that, do we?" he would say. Maybe start from "I don't know" instead, and maybe stop there too?

Not everyone liked to hear that from him. You're in school and all you hear is learn this, learn that, more, more, faster, faster, memorize memorize. How do you know the speed of light? Someone told you. Same reason people thought light moved through ether. Someone told them. You might be right where they were wrong, but not for any better reason. You just happened to hear. It's like you won a coin toss. How much do you want to bet on a coin toss? All the ether in the world?

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