My Father’s Father

David doesn't have a father and he's fascinated by mine, but he never knew his father. He didn't know and love his father and then lose him, see him stolen in court. I don't know anyone who did, just me. Divorced kids have all kinds of rotten fathers but they still see their fathers if they want. Why couldn't I see mine?

While I was working on this I found someone else like me. My father. His mother wouldn't let him see his father, him and his sister.

When I saw two more like me, I started to see them everywhere. I wonder if there's a way to count them?

My father and his sister were angry for years. My father wrote that in a letter for me to find. He was angry half his life and then he dropped the anger. His sister never did. He didn't want me to be angry all my life, or even half my life.

The worst danger, he said, from some bad thing that happens to you? From then on you trace all your troubles to it. You can't do anything about your troubles until you trace them to yourself. You want the blame. In someone else's hands, there's nothing you can do. You're stuck, sometimes all your life. Like maybe his sister was.

So there's that coming too. Back to the Future it ain't, but sort of.

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