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D’Gina, or, Every Story Is True

◕ I do this trick I call The Gina. Da Gina or D'Gina. It's for when someone's crazy and I hate them. It's for people who lie to your face and stick to the lie no matter what. My father said every story is true if you know where to look, and made-up stories tell […]

Cave of Secrets

◕ David and I watched Rashomon to get us started. I got that dream feeling from the first minute, from the rain all around the falling temple, like it was the ark on the flood at the end of the world. Is that what movies are? Someone makes a dream that strangers can dream together, […]


◕ OK, one more thing, to introduce what's coming, then maybe I can go into Turow mode, Turow gear, and give you the legal thriller in all this. Ha! Joke. Just joking. I remember my father had a book stamped Advance Review Copy. Not For Sale. I asked him where it came from and he […]

Please Return

◕ I still have three books he gave me, somewhere. I had more, but I kept my books with his, so mine are mostly gone too. While I was writing this I looked for them. I wanted to write something in one. I found Training the Mind by Chögyam Trungpa, a little book that fits […]

My Father’s Father

◕ David doesn't have a father and he's fascinated by mine, but he never knew his father. He didn't know and love his father and then lose him, see him stolen in court. I don't know anyone who did, just me. Divorced kids have all kinds of rotten fathers but they still see their fathers […]


◕ I just read where a mother, Bridget, says she almost decided on divorce the day before Thanksgiving. Her husband had just gone out the door with a sixpack to hang out with his guy friends, leaving her with the turkey and the kids and the cooking. Her husband doesn’t know who the kids’ dentist […]

Sled Dogs

◕ He was a distance runner for twenty years. He quit running before I was born, the year he got cancer the second time, three years before me. He was always religious about it. He still kept his running shoes in a neat row under the shelves near his desk. They had reflective foil on […]

Black Teeth

◕ A lot of my questions here are not about our court case, they are the same questions you have about your parents, or anyone would. Maybe you got  more time with your parents and got more answers, but maybe you got less. I had no idea how many young children lose a parent not […]

Another Year

◔ Someone tried to tell me all this one year sooner and I just disappeared. I could have had another year with David before we signed up for different colleges. I could have said something to my father before he died. I don't know what, but something. Shoulda woulda coulda, hunh? I know. I was […]

Down the Dark Steps

◕ Mr Cionte will never let me put this in, but what's a Black Trail for? Some days the weirdest nothing can make me cry. Today my music teacher was showing us how everything depends on the conductor. She showed us Leonard Bernstein on YouTube, the six big notes at the end of the Sibelius […]